Many organizations are unable to meet their goals because of various attitudinal and behavioural issues that affect the bottom line.  Leaders are driven to their wits end trying to get their teams to work together so as to deliver optimal productivity.

MEND-R™  is a transformative solution that our training faculty, Jacinta’s Limited, uses to address many issues affecting personal, team and corporate growth and success. It brings deep and lasting changes to clients through the deployment of various emotional and behavioural tools to engage the subconscious mind; thereby producing incredible transformation in attitude and actions. This in turn guarantees the desired outcomes and ensures the fulfillment of the overall organisational objectives for optimal performance and productivity.

Our M.E.N.D Resolution Process


MEND-R™  focuses on the Mind – as an unfocused or unclear mind cannot deliver on individual and work place performance and productivity.


MEND-R™  enables Decisions – for the resolution of negative impacts associated with the mind, emotions and norms.


MEND-R™  empowers Emotions – as a imbalances in emotional states of people have a negative impact on personal relationships, happiness, performance and productivity.


We deploy the tools associated with the mind, emotions, norms and decisions required to get the results and outcomes required from our clients.


MEND-R™  resolves intrinsic Norms – impacting on personal relationships, organisational effectiveness and productivity.


We deliver the results that our clients expect and even more.  We follow up with evaluation and monitoring of the expected results to make sure that the Client get their expected outcomes.

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