Example of Some Modules

Emotional Stress Mastery

Duration: 2 – 3 Days

Goal: To resolve every emotional stress (fear, unforgiveness, bitterness, worry,
anger, impatience), that compromises Health & Wellbeing/Team Work/

Benefits: Emotional healing from past trauma/emotional

  • imbalance
  • Better Productivity.
  • Effective Leadership.
  • Reduced Error Rate.
  • Less Injury Risk.
  • Boosted Health, Energy, Vitality.
  • Conflict Resolution/Team Building.
  • Handling domestic violence & abuse issues: the violated, the perpetuator and the eyewitness – all are stress factors.

Additional Free Content – Emotions/ Life Issues Clinic:
At the end of each day, the Lead Facilitator, a trained Life Coach Psychologist,
and Emotions Therapist, will be available to discuss and find solutions to private
personal issues. Utmost confidentiality is guaranteed.

Workplace Ethics, Etiquette for Professionalism

Duration: 2 – 3 Days

Goal: To give the foundation required to deal with negative habits, hygiene, and enhance work ethics & values that attract the best customers, reduce workplace turn-over, get their best effort and create positive work environments for colleagues. root causes, and impact on the overall performance of the organization.


  • Enhanced social behavioural skills – intrapersonal and interpersonal.
  • Optimal relationship with clients and co-workers.
  • Enables high self-esteem, self-confidence and self-world that will impact on their work & life integration.
  • Enables team effectiveness from the top to the bottom.

Business Integrity & Anti-Corruption

Duration: 2 Days

Goal: This module will give the foundation required to deal with negative skills and
enhance the work ethics and values that attract the best customers, reduce
workplace turn-over, get their best effort and create positive work environments.


  • Examine the cross-cutting nature of corruption and the social impact surrounding it;
  • Have insight in the importance of personal integrity for well-functioning,
    transparent and for economic growth;
  • Be able to deal with challenges related to anti-corruption and integrity policies;
  • Identify instruments for increasing transparency and accountability;
  • Better understanding of the implementation of the international framework of anti-corruption conventions, protocols and best practices;
  • Enhanced knowledge to develop sustainable skills for the promotion of integrity.

Life Adjustment Programme

Duration: 5 Days

This is a programme to prepare employees as they approach retirement (18months – 24 months) or in a few years time. It is essential that they plan how they will confront real economic issues after their employment in the organisation or law enforcement sector. The course shows that retiring from corporate employment or service needs not become a calamity – which sometimes happens.

The modules are well constructed to address the following critical areas:

  • General Retirement Orientation
  • Perspectives on Retirement,
  • Portfolio Management
  • Personal Effectiveness Intelligence
  • Personal Financial Planning, & Investments
  • Establishment and Management of Small Scale Business,
  • Relationship Management and Network working,
  • Various kinds of entrepreneurship ventures
  • Business Planning: Computer basics and ICT
  • Health And Wellness
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Estate Planning.
  • Pension Administration etc.

Participants will be guided thoroughly through each module and will be available for post-consultant.

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