Optimal productivity and performance is the target and goal of every organization.  Attitude and behavioural issues, coupled with work stressors get in the way of optimized performance.  This is where we assist in giving solutions to enable optimal productivity with our Transformational Leadership Coaching programs which are designed to empower Executives, Management, and personnel in Managerial positions to achieve their utmost peak performance.

  • Corporate Trainings – targeted trainings to address team silos, behavioural issues that may compromise the goals and focus of the orgnization.
  • Corporate Retreats – strategy retreats for management executives and teams.
  • Coaching & Mentoring – we deploy processes that assist individuals achieve their full potential.
  • Group Coaching – for targeted departments to enable interpersonal, cultural and communication cohesion.
  • Executive Coaching – To assist leaders and executives maneuver the complexities of meeting their target and goals whilst integrating work/life balance to enhance their health and wellbeing.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAPs) – to enhance work performance by offering counseling, crisis support, therapy to members of Staff.
  • Keynote – Dr. Laila St. Matthew-Daniel   is a prolific speaker on issues that addresses the mind emotions, attitude and behaviour as it applies to organizational and personal peak performance and productivity.

Some of our Transformational  Programs:

  • Organizational Culture Design – Excellence & Diversity
  • Transformational Leadership Coaching
  • Building Trust in Leadership.
  • 360 Attitude & Behavioural Change
  • Work/Life Integration Coaching.
  • Emotional Intelligence & Culture of Excellence
  • Communication & Culture of Excellence
  • Health and Wellbeing Retreat for Success & Productivity.
  • Stress Management for Personal Effectiveness
  • High Performance Team Building Dynamics.
  • Conflict Resolution and Anger Management.
  • Finesse & Performance Ethics & Etiquette
  • Life Adjustment Programme – Preparing For Retirement
  • Toxic Emotions & Productivity: The effect of violence on the bottom line
  • Vision Board Creation for departmental/company goals

The value of our services for Organisations:

  • Optimised organisational performance and productivity
  • Increased interpersonal connectivity
  • Cultural diversity management in the workplace
  • Conflict management resolutions
  • Capacity to network profitably
  • Mend the cause and effects of norms informing your organisations inefficiencies and ineffectiveness

Our transformational programs can be ‘bespoke,’ organized in-house or planned retreat, within Lagos, Out-of-State or Country. We can also work with your Organization for ‘specific needs’ coaching’ and training.

Our Methodology

We carry out a ‘needs’ analysis of what may be required to enable focused programs to be created.

Where It Starts?

Ensure the Vision/Mission/Goal/Objectives are understood

Ensure the conditions for success – environment, behaviour, capability, mindsets, identity.

Drive the team towards the goal for real transformational business success

CHANGE: Can be small and incremental, or it an be large and complex. But it has to be constantly monitored and maintained. It uses external influences to modify actions.

TRANSFORMATION: is almost always large and significant. It is an internal fundamental change in your beliefs of why you perform certain actions. It does not require any external influence to maintain, and because of its fundamental nature, transformation is more likely permanent.

 This is where the Team at JACINTA Limited can help Executives succeed.

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